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Momma P’s Foundation


Momma P's will assist needy families with children. Funds are raised by our benefit programs/ comedy shows. If you would like to assist by booking a program for a community event and would like to help us assist others please contact us.


The original concept for the Foundation was to assist parents during the Christmas and Easter Holiday; however the need has grown by leaps and bounds.


Annually the Foundation hosts two (2) benefit program/shows so money received go towards our “Hardship” fund for families with children in need.


The purpose of the “ Hardship Fund” is to assist those less fortunate than ourselves, byway of assisting with rent, utilities, food, clothing.


*note- No cash monies are every given out.



Our Board Members...




President: Joyce D. Perry


Vice President: Dina Doss


Secretary/Treasurer: Kendra Hogenson


Tyree G. Perry Sr.


Tyree G. Perry Jr.


Zakee’ Perry



Honary Board Members


Brittany Faulsett


Brook Faulsett


Khairi Perry


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