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Momma P’S Foundation

assisting needy families and children

Momma P’S Foundation
will be turning 20 years old June 3, 2023
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Thank you for visiting the official website of Momma P's Foundation.

The staff of Momma P’S Foundation would like to take a moment to thank you all for your support.  There are no words to fully express how much you all are appreciated.   We want to thank each and every one of you: Physicians, therapist, pharmacy, staff, nurses, caregivers, police, fire department, delivery drivers, stock persons, postal, receptions, truckers, food services, cashiers and  greeters.

When we think  of all of you on the front-line we think of you as the three C’s instead of the three P’S.  Your probably wondering what are the three C’S. You are Considerate of those affected by Covid-19, your Companionship and Care for those affected by Covid-19. We wish we could find the perfect way or words to thank all of you for being there when it is so desperately needed during these critical times.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Note: from Momma P’S Foundation. The P in the name means P: passion for serving those struggling or in need. We want to thank all who has contributed to our second year due to Covid 19. Since we could not serve children safetly we choose to serve those who are living on the street that are struggling or in need. Thank you again for all the donation in 2021 and look forward to continuing serving in 2022

Homeless Donations for 2022

Our Vision

Is to expand our services to reach needy families with children locally as well as nationally.

Our Purpose...

Is to make a positive difference in the lives of needy families with children who are in need of a variety of assistance through out our community. The goals and objective of the Momma P'S Foundation is to increase the variety of services we offer in meeting the needs of families with children who are going through financial crises locally as well as nationally.

The Day in the Life of Cinderpella May -
Book By: Momma P

Cindepella May is a dreamer who want to become a famous heart surgeon. She is the youngest of fifteen.

To accomplish her dream, she needs to find for creative ways to raise money for the chance to become one of the recipients of a fully paid four-year scholarship.

The storyline is base on old childhood story and prom.

The story is focused on a young girl who is raise by both parents that are Christians and want to raise their children to be everything they can with hard work.

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