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Mrs. Joyce D. Perry aka...Momma P’s, received a Masters Degree in Public Administration and her Master Degree in Business Administration from City University. Her journey began when she opened her Daycare assisting mother’s of small children. The needs varied from receiving assistance with rent, to paying utility bills. Joyce fondly recalls her own children saying.... “your everyone’s momma” And thus was the conception of Momma P’s.

Joyce combined the very two things she is compassionate about being a “momma” to all in need of assistance, and “p” for her passion in in serving others.

She created the “ Momma P” character for the annual comedy show presented twice a year to raise funds for the Foundations to assist others during difficult times. When asked why comedy shows?....her reply is Laughter brings healing during difficult times.


Joyce was awarded the follow for her work with the Momma P’s Foundation.    
Who’ Who 2008    
2009 Women’s of the Year for Washington State

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